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Paragraph on Trade Fair

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  • What is a trade fair?
  • What are the benefits of the trade fair
  • Which things can be displayed in a trade fair
  • How does the trade fair help the country?
  • What do the people of other countries can know
  • How does the trade fair improve our economy?
  • Why is the trade fair very important?

Answer: Nowadays trade fair is traditional. Many countries of the world arrange to show their produced goods to the international market. The people of others country can know about the industrial goods of the country. It can attract the foreign buyers. It helps to earn foreign exchange. It is a large affair. It is normally held once a year. A great publicity is done for this purpose. And this publicity is made through advertisement in the national and international dailies to draw the attention of industrialists and producers. These fairs are generally organized on a massive scale through the initiative and patronage of governments. The host country invites friendly countries to participate in the fair and give them scope to make stall in the fair. They display their exportable goods to the importers of the host country. Works of arts, crafts, handicrafts, agriculture, and industry are placed at different corners of a trade fair. There are also arrangements for recreation, food etc.’for the visitors.’ A host country can know the other parts of the globe through a trade fair. The foreigners can know also the culture of the people of a host country. So a trade fair should be held every year to encourage importers of foreign countries to import goods from our country.

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