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Paragraph on The Victory Day

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘The Victory Day’ by answering the questions below.

  1. What is the ‘Victory Day’ of Bangladesh?
  2. Why is the day celebrated?
  3. Who are the martyrs of our Liberation War?
  4. How do you celebrate the day every year?
  5. Whom do we remember and how?
  6. What do people generally do on this day?
  7. How does the day inspire you?
  8. What is the symbolic meaning of the day?

Answer: The 16th of December is the Victory Day of Bangladesh. It is the most memorable day in the history of our country. After a nine-month-long bloody battle, we won the victory on this day. The Pakistani Army was compelled to surrender. Bangladesh occupied a place in the world map as an independent country. Every year we observe this day with due solemnity. We remember the supreme sacrifice of the patriotic heroic sons who laid down their lives for the country and we pay glowing tribute to their departed soul. The day begins with gunshots. The whole country puts on a festive look. The national flag is hoisted on the top of each house and office. The whole atmosphere is resounded with Bangabandhu’s fiery speech of the March and the patriotic songs. The armed forces of the country organize special parades and gun-shots. The Prime Minister and the President took salute from them. Political leaders and people, in general, visit the National Monument at Savar. They offer flowers there to show their heartfelt love for the heroic sons who died for the cause of freedom. Meetings, seminars, symposiums, and discussions are held on this day by different govt. and non-govt. organizations. This day is a day of great joy, hope, and inspiration. This victory symbolizes a victory against injustice, tyranny, and falsehood. This day will remain ever fresh and evergreen in the heart of each and every Bangladeshi.

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