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Paragraph on The Spring Season

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There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The spring is the queen of all seasons. It comes after winter. It is the loveliest and the most beautiful of all the seasons. So I like this season best. ‘Falgun’ and ‘chaitra’ are called the spring season. In this season the fields become green and the flowers bloom. The earth similes. Nature becomes lovely. The cuckoo sings in joy and the bees begin to gather honey. The mango trees blossom in this season. The gentle breeze blows from the south and refreshes our mind and body. Taking all of these the natural beauty of this season is charm full. in Bangladesh, paddy and jute seeds are sown in this season. Wheat is also harvested in the spring though it is the loveliest of all seasons, it brings disease like smallpox and cholera. The spring is the best of all seasons. So everybody should like this season.

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