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Paragraph on The Postman

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The postman is the most eagerly awaited person to us. He is a petty government servant. He works in a post office. He is well-known to all both in towns and in villages. He is a great friend of the people. The postman is a familiar figure to us for his special dress. He puts on the khaki dress. He has a turban on his head. He always carries a bag across his shoulders. Letters and other valuable things are kept in it. Sometimes he rides on his bicycle. The postman has to do many works. His daily work begins in the morning. At first, he attends the office. He sorts the letters, money orders, parcels, etc. of the owners. In the village, he sells postcards and envelopes. He has to walk a long distance to finish his duties in time. The life of a postman is not easy. His duty is full of responsibilities. He has to be regular in his duties. He has to lead a busy, punctual and dutiful life. His failure in duties may cause great harm to the people. Good postman has many qualities. He is dutiful and sincere. He is regular, honest and conscious of his duties. He is an embodiment of quiet service. The postman is a great friend of the people. He does very useful work for us. We cannot do without his service. He brings us news from home and abroad. Sometimes he brings bad news and makes us unhappy. But when he brings good news, we become pleased and happy. So we eagerly await or his arrival. The postman gets a small pay. But his duty is very responsible. So he should be well-paid so that he may reform his duty with full attention.

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