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Paragraph on The Migratory Birds

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  • What is called migratory bird?
  • When does it come to our country?
  • Why does it come/why do they come?
  • Why does the migratory bird look very wonderful?
  • How One do they need to come to our country?
  • Hw long do they fly to return to their country?
  • Why do we call them migratory birds?

Answer: The birds that come to our house during the winter season from the cold countries are called guest or migratory birds. The history of the coming of these birds to our country is very sad and painful at the same time. Especially when the extent of coldness reaches beyond the limit of endurance, the guest birds begin to migrate to our land from that moment. They come not only because of biting cold but also for want of food as the worms to hide under the ground. Therefore, to save themselves from unendurable coldness and with a view to searching food, they begin to move over our land in the swarm. The most wonderful fact about these birds is that they fly thousands and thousands of miles at a stretch when they come to our land. Moreover, in the same way, when they return to their own land with the change of season, they again fly thousand to thousands of miles. It takes three months to cover the distance from their homeland to our country and when they return, it takes three months. This way. six months of their lives are lost flying in the air. We regard them as guest or migratory as they come to our land and stay only a short period in search of food and shelter.

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