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Paragraph on The Jute

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Bangladesh is the real home of jute. It is the main cash crop of Bangladesh. Jute plays an important role in her national economy. Jute is the fiber of our plants. The plants grow eight to ten feet in height. It is a cash crop of our country. It brings us much foreign currency. So jute is called ‘the golden fiber of Bangladesh.’ Jute grows well in a warm and moist climate. It requires sufficient rainfall. The soil and the climate of Bangladesh are especially suitable for the cultivation of jute. Farmers plow the land well. Then seeds are sown in the months of ‘falgoon’ and ‘chaitra’. Small plants grow in a few days. The fields are weeded when the plants are grown one feet or so high. In three or four months the plants are matured. When the jute plants become eight to ten feet height the plants are cut and tied up in bundles and kept under water. When they get rotten, the fibers are separated from the stalks. Then the fibers are washed and dried in the sun. Then it is made ready for sale. Jute is put to many uses. Ropes, gunny bags, clothes, mats etc. are made of jute. Carpets and warm clothes are made of jute. Paper and cardboard are also made of jute. The stalks are used as fuel and fencing. We are poor in the jute industry. Some jute mills have been functioning well. More jute mills should be established in our country. We should try to produce more jute in our country.

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