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Paragraph on the 21st February Or, International Mother Language Day

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Question: Write a paragraph on 21 February/ International Mother Language Day. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. How is the Day observed?
  2. When was the seed of language movement sown?
  3. What happened immediately after Zinnah’s declaration?
  4. Who sacrificed their lives going to protect the prestige of the mother tongue?
  5. What is the significance of the day?

Answer: The 21st of February is a red-letter day in our national life. On this day in 1952, the brave sons of our motherland laid down their lives to protect the interest of our mother tongue. Since then we have been observing this day as ‘Shaheed Day’. But in 1999, UNESCO declared this day as ‘International Mother Language Day‘. This declaration has turned a national celebration into an international event. With the declaration of the UNESCO, a new dimension has been added to the day. The teaching of the day is that we all should respect the mother languages of others. Our mother language is our unique possession. In the same way, other people’s mother languages are also priceless to them. In a broader sense, the day teaches us to have respect for other people’s rights. On this day the national flag flies at half-mast. Some rituals are performed. Early in the morning the President, Prime Minister, members of Parliament, staffs of diplomatic missions and others arrive at Central Shaheed Minar to place bouquets of flowers. Thus they pay tribute to those who gave their lives for Bangla. Throughout the day people visit the Shaheed Minar to show their respect to the martyrs. Everywhere the elegiac song. “Amar Bhayer Rakte Rangano Ekushey February” is sung. Discussions, meetings, cultural programs, etc. go on for remembering the language matters. The 21st of February has become an inspiration for us on our way of progress and prosperity.


Paragraph on International Mother Language Day

Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘International Mother Language Day’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What do you mean by the mother language?
  2. Why is mother tongue important?
  3. What is the historical background of the day?
  4. What was the declaration of UNESCO regarding the day?
  5. What day the declaration was made?

Answer: The 21st February Mother language means the language we learn from bur mother. In this respect, Bangla is our mother language. We got this language as our state language through many struggles on the 215′ of February 1952. The Pakistani rulers declared Urdu as the state language. But the people of the then East Pakistan contradicted the declaration. They demanded Bangla as the state language of East Pakistan. The rulers-imposed section 144 on the city of Dhaka. But some students of our country brought out a procession in violation of section 144 on the 215t February 1952. The students were locked in a clash with the police. The police fired the procession. Salam, Barkat, Rafique, Jabbar were killed on the spot. That is why 21st February is regarded as the Mother Language Day. Realizing the importance of the day, the UNESCO declared our Mother Language Day as the International Mother Language Day. The declaration was given on the 17th of November 1999. Now the day is observed all over the world. The day has great importance in our national life. We have earned name and fame for this day. ‘Now the whole world knows our country and language. The world respects and salutes us. We feel much proud of our mother language day.

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