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Paragraph on The 16th December

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. What is the ‘Victory Day’ of Bangladesh?
  2. Why is it called so?
  3. Who are the martyrs of our Liberation War?
  4. How do you celebrate the day?
  5. What inspiration do we get from the martyrs?

Answer: The 16th of December is the ‘Victory Day’ of Bangladesh because Bangladesh has become independent on this day. I celebrate this day every year with great pleasure and joy. I give flower in the Shaheed Minar. On that day, we remember those heroic souls of the soil at the cost of whose blood victory has been achieved. On this day I feel great sympathy and sorrow for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the war. Their strength and courage inspired me. The Pakistani forces killed thousands of innocent people, tortured innumerable women, killed many intellectuals of the country. After nine months of fighting, we have achieved the golden sun of independence from the barbarous Pakistanis. The Victory Day symbolizes the triumph of justice over tyranny. The sacrifice made by the martyrs will act as a perennial source of inspiration for me to work for the country.


The 16th December /Our Victory Day

The 16th of December is our victory day. On this day in 1971, we got our freedom. It is a red-letter day in our national life. The 26ffi March 1971 the independence of Bangladesh was declared and the liberation war was started. The Pak armies fell upon us and killed us mercilessly. They burnt our houses, cottages, mills, factories and so on. We also attacked the Pak armies and made the surrendered on 16 December 1971. About 30 lakh people war killed. They are martyrs. They are immortals. This day is a national holiday. Every year we celebrate this day in a befiting manner. We-recollect their supreme sacrifice and respect their great contribution. The national flag is hoisted. The national anthem and patriotic songs are sung. Seminars, symposiums, debates Milad mahfil and many, other cultural functions are also held.

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