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Paragraph on Stamp Collecting

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 Words)

  1. What is stamp collecting?
  2. Why do people collect stamps?
  3. Where are the stamps kept?
  4. How can one get stamps?
  5. What is its educative value?

Answer: By stamp collecting, we understand the collection of postal stamps of different countries. It is a useful hobby with many. They collect stamps for pleasure. It teaches the collector to work in a disciplined way. Because the stamps have to be pasted In the album. The names of different countries are written in alphabetic order. We can purchase stamps from the philatelic bureau. Foreign stamps can be collected through pen-friends or relatives serving in other countries. By arranging the stamps in a systematic way, we know the names of different countries and gather knowledge about the important monuments, statesmen. product and history of those countries, Thus stamp collecting have great educative value. A stamp is not a mere piece of paper. It is very much a record of history. A stamp tells us of the time, place and country of its origin. Students may well be advised to develop the habit of stamp collecting.

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