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Paragraph on Slums in Every City of Bangladesh

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Question: There are slums in every city of Bangladesh. Thousands of people live in these slums. Now write an article describing the life of slum-dwellers. Suggest how they can live better.

Slums in Every City of Bangladesh

Answer: Slum-dwellers are rootless people. Actually, they are rootless and they have to take shelter in slums under different circumstances. They live there in an inhuman condition. They are deprived of all kinds of human rights. About 80% of the slum dwellers suffer from hunger. malnutrition, and different kinds of diseases. As a result, many of them die a premature death and the others fight with death. They live in a society of lawlessness and violence. They are made involve in different anti-social activities like hijacking, smuggling, stealing, drug use, child trafficking, etc. Besides, they are exploited by so-called political leaders for organizing hartals, picketing, damaging vehicles, and destroying public properties. The government and non-government welfare organizations should come forward to rehabilitate them. Only then we can hope that they will get rid of this dark life and will have a new life back.

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