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Paragraph on Satellite TV

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘Satellite TV’ by answering the questions below :

  • What do you understand by satellite TV channels?
  • Do you think them to be beneficial?
  • Do you think that some channels cause cultural decay and moral degradation?
  • How can our national culture be fostered and enriched?
  • Can you make any suggestions regarding the positive use of the Satellite TV?

Answer: Satellite TV channels are the channels that telecast programs of varied interest with the help of a satellite. These channels have become accessible to us because of the dish antenna that receives programs from the satellite. The popularity of satellite television is ever on the increase, though they are not an unmixed blessing. Some satellite channels are very beneficial. Channels such as the National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel telecast highly informative and educative programs. Some channels like the BBC and CNN provide us with world news round the clock. Some channels provide pure entertainment through songs, dances, and music. Some channels particularly the cartoon channels are favorites of children. However, there are many channels that may cause cultural decay and moral degradation. Channels like Star Movies, Star World, Fashion TV, etc often show obscene films. violence and half-naked female figures that do not conform to the traditional Bangladeshi culture. These may have very bad effects on the minds of the teenagers. If we want to foster and enrich our own culture we have to restrict access to such channels and introduce those channels that are helpful for upholding our own identity and own culture. But we must not forget that every good thing has its abuse. So we have to stop the abuse of satellite channels and ensure its benefit of it through proper care, goodwill, and self-control.

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