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Paragraph on Role of Guardians in Checking Unfair means In Examinations

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Question: Adopting unfair means in public examinations has become an embarrassing issue. Imagine you want the guardians to play a role here. Describe the harmful effects of copying in future life. Also, suggest how we can get rid of this nuisance. (100 words)

Role of The Guardians in Checking Unfair means In Public Examinations

Answer: Nowadays copying in the examination has become a crucial problem in our education. It is so widespread that the conscious people are greatly alarmed at it. It is not a new thing. It was in the past and it is prevalent still. But at present, it is very much rampant. During any kind of pubic examination, an examination hall becomes almost a fish market full of hue and cry. So-called helpers and well-wishers gather around the campus of the examination centers and supply copying materials. There are many reasons behind copying. But whatever might be the causes. the students should not forget their main motto. Firstly, they are students than anything else. The students should be made aware of the bad effects of this ill practice. The guardians can play a vital role in checking unfair means in the examination. The guardians should take proper care of the study of their wards. They should keep their wards under their direct supervision. They should not allow their wards to waste a single second. They should encourage their wards to read more and more. They should also keep an eye on their wards that they are not involved in evil activity or crime leaving their study aside. But any isolated measure in this regard may not prove helpful. The government, the teachers. the guardians. the students. the intellectuals, the politicians, and all conscious sections of our people should come forward to tackle the problem jointly. We are hopeful that concerted efforts will be able to put an end to this problem.s.

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