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Paragraph on Patriotism

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Patriotism denotes love of one’s own country. A man who loves his motherland is a patriot. A patriot always tries his best to promote the well-being of his motherland. He loves his country sincerely. He thinks her soil to be holy. If there is any aggression from outside he gets ready to shed every drop of his blood to defend her liberty and prestige. This man nourishes a great love for his countrymen. He shares their joys and sorrows. He holds the National Flag in their joys and sorrows. He holds the National Flag in high esteem. If any kind of dishonor is shown to it, he is terribly shocked. A patriot is loved and respected everywhere. The lest of patriotism does not take place only in war-times. We can show our patriotism in the ordinary course of life. Everybody can show his love for the country by doing his normal duty honestly’ and sincerely. If anybody does not work honestly, he does not serve his country, and so, he cannot be called a patriot in that case. A read patriot is ready to make any sacrifice for his motherland. A patriot is looked upon as a saint, a hero, and a martyr. Our motherland has nursed us on her lap, has nourished us out of her wealth and has sheltered us in her bosom. So we should keep ready to stand by her, to work for her and even to sacrifice our lives for her, if required.

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