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Paragraph on Our College Library

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A good college is one which provides an ideal environment for studies. Such an environment is not provided by costly benches and tables. It is provided by dedicated teachers and has a good library. I am glad to say that I have been lucky enough to study in such an institution. Our college’s library is made up of three hall rooms; one of which is a reading room. The other rooms are made up of books which are neatly arranged on the shelves. A librarian sits at a counter and issues books to us. He is helped by two assistants. They are vigilant so that books are kept in good condition. The college authorities issue library cards to us so that we can borrow books. However, we have to return books within a week. In this way, everyone gets a chance to borrow the books of their choice. During college hours, we may study in the reading room. As silence reigns supreme, we feel like sitting there. Our college library is of great help to our teachers too, because they can consult reference books and thereby present their subjects in a more enlightened way. They may select books from a rich collection of five thousand books. There are old and rare books as well as latest editions. Books are added to this collection every year so that students and teachers may keep pace with the latest theories and thoughts. I think that the college library has provided the students and teachers with an ideal place for widening their knowledge-and although our college doesn’t look special, the library has made it a special place of learning for us.

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