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Paragraph on My Favorite TV Program: Ityadi

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Question: Supports, you are Rafiq. Your friend is Rahim. Rahim wants to know from you about your TV programs and what you enjoy much. Now, write a paragraph about your favorite TV program.

Answer: I am very fond of Bangladesh Television (BTV). It broadcasts many educational and recreational programs every day from these programs. I like the magazine program “Ityadi”. This program has been being broadcast on BTV onetime after every three months for the last 14 years. It is written, produced, and presented by Hanif Sanket. This program includes a song, joke, dance, and whatnot. Though the goal of the program is to give recreation to the audiences, it also gives some moral lessons to us. Sometimes it points to our eyes about our everyday faults. Again many beautiful and historical places of the country also abroad are broadcast in the program. Thus, it gives us the scope to view many interesting places from the corner of our homes. In a word, this program is a complete program from all sides. This really worth enjoyable and praise the able program. I like this program very much.

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