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Paragraph on My Favorite Poet: Kazi Nazrul Islam

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘My Favourite Poet’ by answering the questions below.

  • Who is your favorite poet?
  • Why is she/he favorite to you?
  • What are the books written by him
  • What are the qualities of his poems that attract you most?

Answer: The rebel poet of Bengali literature Kazi Nazrul Islam is my favorite poet. He is my favorite poet because his poems are interesting, exciting, encouraging, and inspiring to me. We can find revolution against oppression and exploitation in his poetry. He raised his voice against imperialism and colonialism of the British who dominated the Indian Sub-continent for about two hundred years. He inspired the people of Bangladesh as well as the whole of India and Pakistan for independence and freedom. He also called us to fight for economic freedom and social justice so that there might be an end to the tyranny of the British rulers. He became famous for writing his poem ‘Bidrohi’. Besides, his poems like Shammyabad, Sharbahara, and Bandhan Hara are full of vigor and inspiration. We get inspiration to protest against oppression and exploitation from his poems. His poetry makes us aware to fight against tyranny and injustice and also to achieve freedom in the truest sense. These qualities of his poetry attract me the most. Nazrul’s songs inspired us greatly to fight for our independence. These songs still inspire us with patriotic feelings. He wrote a remarkable number of books such as ‘Risher Banshi, Dolan Champa, Chakrabak, Fani Manasha, Pralayashikha, Agamani, etc.

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