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Paragraph on My Favorite Game: Cricket

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Question: Write a paragraph about Your Favorite Game’ by answering the questions below.

  • What type of game do you like?
  • Why do you like this game?
  • Where was it first started?
  • How was it developed?
  • How is it played?

Answer: My favorite game is cricket. It is being popular all over the world day by day. There are two kinds of matches in cricket. One is a Test Match and the other is One Day Match. One Day Matches are more popular than Test Matches. Nowadays, 20-20 Matches have stirred the whole world. It played within 20 overs limit only. In the past, it was played for days together when the only test match was in vogue. Cricket was first introduced in England. It was then called a royal game. Only the lords and well-to-do persons used to play and witness the game. Then the game was very time-killing. But with the change of time, as people are becoming busier and more mechanical, this game has also changed. It is played between two teams. Each team is comprised of eleven players. Every team has a captain. A captain is entrusted with a lot of responsibilities. He has to make plans for bowling and fielding. At the time of batting, he has to direct the batsmen so that they can make maximum runs to win. Every team has a coach and a team manager. In developing as well as underdeveloped countries, cricket is becoming more popular than before. South Africa, Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, England, and West Indies are leading countries in the world of cricket. I am very much fond of this game.

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