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Paragraph on My Favorite Bangladeshi Foods

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  1. Why do you like Bangladeshi food?
  2. What are the foods of Bangladesh you like most?
  3. What are your favorite seasonal Bangladeshi foods?

Answer: I am a Bangladeshi. So. I like Bangladeshi foods such as rice, fish, dal, and vegetables. fruits like mangoes, jackfruits, bananas, pineapples, blackberries, etc., and foods made from these fruits are my favorite. Rice and fish are my favorite food. Besides, bread and butter made in Bangladesh are my favorite food. I like Polao with beef very much. Seasonal homemade foods like Vapa-pitha in the month of Poush is my favorite food. We have traditional homemade foods and they are very delicious. I like small fish curry very much. The ilish (Hilsa) fish are available in Bangladesh. I like rice with ilish (Hilsa) fish curry. Various foods such as pitha made from date juice in the month Poush and Magh are very delicious I like to have it early in the morning. Nevertheless, I am habituated to having rice and fish which is a very common and favorite food in Bangladesh.


My Favorite Bangladeshi Food

Question: Write a paragraph about Your Favourite Bangladeshi Food by answering the questions below.

  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. What kind of food do you usually eat?
  3. What type of food do you occasionally eat?
  4. What type of food do you eat at the festival?

Answer: There are different kinds of Bangladeshi food They are tasty and well-eatable. Rice, fish, meat, sweet meat, and juice of different fruits, vegetables, etc. are the famous foods of Bangladesh. Of all the foods I like rice and hilsha fish best. They are very tasty. Genuinely speaking, I cannot resist the temptation of taking them. Usually, I eat rice with different curries. I occasionally eat my favourite food, that is, rice with hilsha fish. It makes me feel happy when I eat such kind of food. During different festivals, I take rich foods like biri, ani, polao, chicken roast, fried egg, fish, meats of different kinds, etc. These foods are very costly but tasty. I eagerly take festival food including sweet meat, semai, cake—hotch-potch, etc. In faand ct, the Bangladeshi foods have a special variety. I always eat my native food eagerly

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