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Paragraph On My Class Room

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘Your Class Room’ by answering the questions below. (a) What is a classroom? (b) Where is your classroom situated? (c) How is your classroom? (d) How many pieces of furniture are there? (e) How do you maintain the classroom? (f) How do you feel in your classroom?

Answer: My classroom is well-decorated and well-ventilated. We, eighty students can sit together in the classroom. It has three doors and six windows. There are eight fans and six electric lights in my classroom. It is housed on the first floor of the three story school building. There is a single chair and a desk for each of the students. There is a raised platform where there is a lectern for the teacher. The platform is somewhat like a stage. Behind the stage, there is a blackboard fixed to the wall. We have a mathematical and a chemical chart in our classroom. We use them, in our theory classes of Mathematics as well as Chemistry. We always try to keep our class neat and tidy.

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