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Paragraph on My Aim in Life

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. What do you want to do in the future?
  2. Where do you like to study after passing the HSC Examination?
  3. Why do you like to read in this subject?
  4. Will you intend to help the people of your locality?
  5. How will you help them?

Answer: Like many others, I have a future plan. Every individual proceeds to go forward to reach their expected destination. As I am a student of HSC, I am aspirant to go to a famous university in our country for higher studies. After passing the HSC Examination, I intend to study in Agriculture Science because our country is an agricultural country. Without the development of agriculture, we can hardly think of the development of our country. I want to study Agriculture. Being a specialist in agriculture I will return to the locality where I will train the farmers to cultivate their lands in a scientific way. The people of our locality are very poor. They cultivate their lands following the old system. I want to help them by advising and training in modern ways of cultivating. If I can develop the mentality of the farmers of our locality, they can play an important role in the development of the country which is dependent mainly on agriculture.

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