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Paragraph on How to Write Answer in Examinations

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Question: Write a paragraph advising your younger brother how to write the answer in the examinations. You may use the following keywords:

First, Then, Next, Go Through, Best Possible Answers, After That, Finally, Space

Answer: The progress in studies in measured through examinations. I have a younger brother who is afraid of the crown and cannot write answer well in the examination. So, my advice to him is as under. First, he must not be nervous in the hall. As soon as he gets the examinations scripts he has to draw mart-in on sides and on the top of all the pages leaving sufficient space. Then he will write his roll number, subject, paper, and date on exam and name, if necessary on the front page. Next, he will go through the question paper very carefully. He will read the question twice or thrice and select the best possible answers he is going to answer. After that, he should start writing answers. There must lay sufficient space between two lines and words. The answers script must be kept as neat as possible. Overwriting must be avoided. He will answer the questions keeping an eye to time. Finally, he will finish writing and revise his’ answers carefully with the final belt he will hand over the script to the teacher and leave the hail.

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