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Paragraph on How to Make a Phone Call

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It is the age of communication. One can talk to his dear ones within a second wherever he may be. Only a phone call makes it possible. But one should know how to make a phone call. Making a phone call is very easy. To make a phone call you should know the number whom you want to talk to. If you don’t know the number find it out from the Telephone Directory. Then lift the receiver and wait until you hear the dial tone. If you hear the dial tone, dial the number one digit after another. When you hear the ringing tone, wait until someone says, “Hello” from the other end. If you do not hear the ringing tone, dial the number once again. Because the line is engaged. However, when someone responds to you, the connection is established and you can talk to the person and listen to him as well. When you finish talking put the receiver on the cradle. You are successful in making a phone call.

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