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Paragraph on Household Chores

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Question: Suppose, you have four members in your family. Your name is Kabir. You also another elder sister. She is Shikha. All of your family members help each other in doing household chores.

Answer: Family is a group man living together. In a family, its member learns how to co-operate With. each other. The family Members do different household chores either- individually or with the help of the other members of the family. My mother deals-with most of the household-chores of our Getting, up from the bed my mother usually wipes the room. My mother than herself in Making breakfast for us with the help of my elder sister. My mother usually makes bed I and my elder sister help my mother in time. My mother washes the dishes and clothes. I help my mother to do so, my elder sister helps my mother with cooking and arranging food on the table. My father shares with us to do household chores, particularly in his holidays. He is also busy on the other days. I try to keep my room neat and clean to reduce the reassure of household chores. The family members should be helpful to each other to do household chores. If we help own-another in our family the pressure of work will be lessened and the work and also be well completed.

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