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Paragraph on Female Education

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Question: Female education is essential for the overall development of the nation to complete the paragraph. Explain why it is essential. Suggest ways and means ensure education for girls.

Female Education

Answer: It is true that women have many special tasks in life and their spheres of duties are different from those of men. But we should remember that these tasks also need training and education. Unless women get proper education, all their prospective faculties get crippled. It is only by imparting proper education to them that we can expect them to discharge the duties nicely and decently. The education of children depends a great deal upon mothers. Childhood is the most impressionable stage and anything good or bad, taught to a child makes a great influence on his mind. We cannot behave educated and ideal citizens when the mothers themselves are foolish and ignorant. Every woman is a potential mother. The future of a child depends on how it is brought up and educated in childhood. An educated mother is naturally expected to bring up and educate her children better than an uneducated mother.

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