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Paragraph on Email – Electronic Mail

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘E-mail’ by answering the questions below.

  1. What is e-mail?
  2. How does it help communication?
  3. How does it help students?
  4. What are the benefits of using e-mail?
  5. Why do trade and commerce depend on e-mail?
  6. Who can have an e-mail connection?
  7. Why should the young generation have knowledge of e-mail?

Answer: Electronic mail is popularly known as ‘e-mail‘. It is a wonderful invention of the communication technology of our modern science. It has brought a dramatic change in the mode of communication. E-mail is very helpful for the students. They require to study many books. But all are not available in the libraries of their schools, colleges, and universities. E-mail offers them the opportunity to collect any information from any book. It is very easy to use. Besides, by using e-mail the users can save their time. It has other advantages. It reduces the consumption of paper in the offices. So, e-mail saves money as well as time. Through e-mail. messages can be transmitted from one country to another within seconds. It is cheaper than telephone calls. So nowadays trade and commerce have become greatly dependent on this speedy type of communication. But e-mail is not being widely used in our country’. To adjust to the modern world the young generation of our country must be habituated to using e-mail.



Question: Write a paragraph on “E-mail”, In your paragraph answer the following questions.

  • What is E-mail?
  • How does it -work?
  • What do we need for it What are its advantages?

Answer: E-mail is a way of sending messages and data to other people by means of computers connected together in a network. In another word, e-mail is electronic mail, which is the communication textual messages via electronic means. Electronic mail communication is to the user via the computer. It is delivered to individual electronic mailboxes based on computers. In order to operate an E-mail system, we need a personal computer. Being a computer-based messaging system, files prepared on computers is instantly copied and easily exchanged as E-mail. That is to say, e-mail works instantly with the help of a computer, which is connected to a network. Anyway, E-mail has brought about a revolution in the modern communication system. Massages can be transmitted from one country to another with few seconds. It is far cheaper than telephone calls. Trade and commerce have become greatly dependent on this speedy mode of communication. So, nowadays, e-mail is a very important means of communication.

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