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Paragraph on Dividing the Bread

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Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Dividing the Bread’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What did the rats find?
  2. Why could they not agree on how to divide it?
  3. Whom did they ask to divide it?
  4. What happened then?
  5. Why did the rats look at the sight foolishly?

Answer: Once two rats found a piece of bread. They could not agree on how to divide it because each rat wanted a larger piece than the other. So, they asked Mr. Monkey to divide the bread into two equal halves. They thought that Mr. Monkey was very wise and just. Mr. Monkey broke the bread into two pieces and put them on his scales. But one piece is always heavier than the other. So he took a small bite out of the heavier piece. When he put it back on the scales, the other piece was heavier. So he bit a small piece out of that and put it back on the scales. In this way, Mr. Monkey ate the whole bread and the rats looked at the sight foolishly.

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