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Paragraph on Discipline

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  1. What is discipline?
  2. What is its value in society?
  3. What will happen if anybody does anything according to his will?
  4. Is discipline help a man?
  5. Where does it very approve?
  6. Is discipline essential for the people of our country?

Answer: The word ‘Discipline’ comes from a Latin word ‘discipulas’. ‘Discipulas’ means a discipline. A disciple obeys the orders of his preceptor without any question. ‘discipline’ is, therefore a moral quality. It is related to the conduct of a disciple. In its broad sense, however, it includes obedience to any system of rules for orderly conduct. It is valuable in every lifestyle. Man is a social being. He cannot do whatever he likes in the society. If everybody does what he pleases, there will be disorder and chaos in society. So, discipline is essential for happiness and progress. For building up our country discipline is essential. All people men and women, young and old must have discipline in all their activities. Discipline helps a man to lead his life in a proper way. It helps to prosper in life by working all his works in an orderly manner.

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