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Paragraph on Contribution of Women

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Women constitute half of the total population of our country. So, their role in our national development is great. In the past, women were dependent on males. But things are changing now. They are becoming educated. Now they are conscious of their rights. They are no longer confined to the four walls of their homes. They are coming out of the home. They are joining many jobs. They are competing with men. They are working in garments, educational institutions, malls, and factories. Many women are becoming pilots, doctors, engineers and so on. Many of them are protecting the country. Now, we see that women are involved in politics. They are becoming Prime Minister, Home Minister, Foreign Minister and what not. Women are contributing to the family income. They have been able to bring happiness and peace to their families. Women play an important role in agriculture. Their handicrafts earn foreign exchange. Thus they help in national development. They are also becoming involved in the family planning campaign. Thus they are contributing to the national issues. At present men have changed their attitude towards women. Now every sector is open for women. They can easily join any job. They proved their worth. Like men, they are respected in every job.

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