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Paragraph on Book Fair or, A Book Fair

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Book Fair’ by answering the questions below.

  1. What is a book fair?
  2. When and where is it held usually?
  3. What purposes does it serve?
  4. How is it organized?
  5. What kinds of books are usually available at a book fair?
  6. What is your personal impression of a book fair?

Answer: A book fair is an attractive fair where different types of books are displayed and sold. Nowadays it has become very popular. In our country, many book fairs are usually held in different places every year. The two main book fairs held in our country are the Ekushe Boi Mela and the Dhaka Boi Mela. Other small fairs are also held on some other occasions including new year’s day. The Ekushe Boi Mela is organized by Bangla Academy. The main purpose of organizing a book fair is to arouse the interest of the people in books. A book fair may last for a week or even a month. Hundreds of publishers and bookstalls participate came to a book fair. The stalls are nicely decorated Books of various types are sold there. New writers often arrange discussion programs on their new books. Seminars and cultural programs are also held in such a fair. A large number of visitors gather at a book fair. Children come with their parents and relatives. They search their books walking from one stall to another. In Bangladesh, the Ekushe Boi Mela has gained huge popularity. The fair area has been extended to the surrounding area of Bangla Academy. This fair begins on the first day of February and continues until the last day of the month. A huge number of people from across the country visit this fair and buy hooks. Targeting these fair hundreds of new books are published. Obviously, a book fair is part of the cultural life of a nation. A book fair reminds us that books are our best friends. Thus, a book fair contributes a lot to the formation of national life and culture. We should protect the sanctity of a hook fair.

Paragraph on A Book Fair

Question: Imagine you paid a visit to a book fair. Describe what you did there.

Answer: On the last 20 February I went to Ekusey Boi Mela held at Bangla Academy premises. I am always fond of reading books. So I purchase books whenever I can manage money. My main purpose in going to the book fair was to buy books. I found there hundreds of pavilions. All sorts of books — fiction, text books, dramas. children’s books, reference books, etc. were displayed there. I visited different bookstalls and bought books of different writers. I also found stalls of food and drink. I took a rest for a while in a stall and took a sandwich and a can of Coca-Cola. After that, I attended a seminar on our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam which was also held at the Academy premises. In fact, I enjoyed my visit to the book fair.

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