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Paragraph on Baishakhi Mela

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  • When does baishakhi mela held?
  • What do the people do in this day?
  • Which things do the people do in this day?
  • Where is the main center of baishakhi mela?
  • What is the plan of the people for baishakhi mela?
  • How does baishakhi mela celebrate?

Answer: Baaishakhi mela is held on the first day of the Bangla New Year. It is a part and parcel of Bengali culture. In this day the cities and villages of Bangladesh wear a new dress. People are looking forward to welcoming the year through this celebration. A Baishakhi mela is an annual gathering. It is a great attraction for the village people. Many fairs are held in Boishakh month. Some are held for one day and some are for many days. In boishakhi mela there are many cultural programmes like the ceremony of folksong, bhatiali and murshidi are held. This festival encompasses exhibition music, poetry, crafts, photography, there in the urban area. The Ramna batamul is the main center, around which new year celebrations have been spread around the Dhaka city. Circus parties are found in Baishakhi mela. There are many things sold and bought here. The children buy many toys balloons, sweets and other attractive things in this day. People of the villages are greatly impressed by Jatra parties. Panta-bhat is sold and served by the young women. Really in this day, the whole Bangle is happy and they make the plan for the whole year.

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