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Paragraph on Advantages of Working Together

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Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Advantages of Working Together‘ by answering the following questions.

  1. Who was a farmer?
  2. Who liked working together?
  3. How did the farmers make a large farm?
  4. Why is working together important?
  5. What is a collective farm?

Answer: United we stand and divided we fall. So, working together is a must in our life. Rafiq’s father was a farmer. When he worked in his field, Rafiq helped him in his free time. Though it was hard work, he liked working together. Even his grandfather was strong enough to help. Rafiq very often talked with his grandfather about things. His grandfather liked him. They worked together in their fields as working together is very important. Two or more people work better than one because they work more quickly. The farmers needed to work together to make a larger farm. They broke their boundaries to make it and called it a collective farm. They all worked together and were able to borrow money and buy better seeds and fertilizers.

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