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Paragraph on A Visit to My Primary School

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Did you visit your primary school recently?
  2. What was the occasion of it?
  3. Who else accompanied you?
  4. What did you see there?
  5. How did you feel there?

Answer: I am an HSC examinee. I read in a college in Dhaka. Recently I had visited my primary school. Its name is Rupnagar Primary School. It is in my home district. Jamalpur. Last December, I was in my village to spend the winter vacation. On the annual prize-giving ceremony of the school, I went there with my younger sister who won the prize of the best student of Class V. My parents and .my younger brother accompanied me. There I saw a festive look. The whole school was decorated with posters and flowers. I felt delighted to meet some of my teachers and friends. All my childhood memories haunted me. I noticed radical changes of the school. There is a three-story building in place of the tin-shed. The big krishnachura tree under which we used to play has been cut off. Noticing all the changes, I felt both joy and sorrow.

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