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Paragraph on A Stranger

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. What does the word ‘stranger’ refer to?
  2. Where did you meet the stranger?
  3. How did the stranger look like?
  4. How did you feel then?
  5. What happened last?

Answer: The word stranger refers to an unknown person. Yesterday while I was walking in front of the new market area, I met a stranger. I was not acquainted with such a person before. She was about 40. She put on a tee shirt and a half pants. Generally, we do not wear these in our country. She had a camera in her arm and many pictures in her left hand. She looked very polite and friendly. Suddenly she called me through a gesture. Probably she was in crisis as some people of different ages were following her. At first, I became nervous as she started to talk to me in English. Guessing my problem, the stranger began to talk in distorted Bengali. However, I understood it. She requested me to help her in this situation. By this time, she was encircled by a lot of people. Then I told her that these people would not make any harm. They are very curious about foreigners. This is the general tendency of the people. Finally, we left that place.

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