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Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Who is a rickshaw puller?
  2. Where does he get the rickshaw from?
  3. What is the nature of his work?
  4. Is there any risk in his work?
  5. How do the passengers look upon him?

Answer: The illiterate people who earn their livelihood by driving rickshaw are called rickshaw pullers. Most of the rickshaw pullers are very poor. Generally, he hires a rickshaw from a Mohajan on daily payment basis. At the time of returning the rickshaw, he has to deposit the daily rent. A rickshaw puller does very laborious work. He carries one or two passengers from one place to another. There is no fixed rate of rickshaw fare. It is mutually settled after bargaining. He works in the hot sun and torrential rain. Sometimes he carries goods on his rickshaw. Most of the rickshaw drivers do not know the traffic rules. Often a rickshaw puller falls a victim to accidents and may lose a life. Some passengers look down upon them. This is not desirable at all. Because they are human beings. We should be kind to them.


A Rickshaw Puller


  1. Who is a rickshaw puller?
  2. Where does he live?
  3. How does he support his family’?
  4. How does he pas his days?

Answer: The man who pulls a rickshaw for money is a. rickshaw puller. A rickshaw puller is a guile familiar to cities and towns. He lives in a slum. His dress is very slum. His income is very poor. He supports his family through much hardship. He has no rickshaw of his own. He toils hard. In all weathers good and bad he is seen carrying passengers. He bargains with his passengers. He demands more when the weather is very hot or foul. Sometimes he tries to cheat passengers. But most often he is cheated by passengers. A rickshaw puller is seen sleeping on his rickshaw beneath a tree or sitting idly on his rickshaw, though he drives rickshaw from morning till late night, he leads a very miserable life. His life is full of sorrows and sufferings. He cannot enjoy peace and happiness. If he becomes sick, he cannot drive his rickshaw and can money. So he and his family starve. If he can earn more than his expectation, his face smiles. But this opportunity is very rare in his life.

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