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Paragraph on A Journey by Boat

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Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘Journey by Boat‘ by answering the following questions.

  1. What was the occasion?
  2. When and from where did you start your journey?
  3. What was your destination?
  4. How were the river, the sky, and the weather?
  5. How were the boatmen?
  6. What were the sights you enjoyed?
  7. How did you enjoy the journey?

Answer: Bangladesh is a land of rivers and boats. Relevantly, a journey by boat is very common in our country. Last summer, I had the chance to make a journey by boat. My two bosom friends were with me. I enjoyed it a lot. One of our village friends invited us to his home. We three friends agreed to go. The distance was more than fifteen miles. We hired a boat. The next morning, we reached the ghat. We got on our hired boat. The boatman hoisted the sail. We started our journey from Mohadevpur to Nazipur. The river was calm. The murmuring sound and the cool breeze charmed us all. Everything seemed to be running behind. We saw fields of paddy, long lines of trees and houses on both sides. Some fishermen were fishing Little boys and girls were swimming. Some were gossiping by the river. A few women were filling their jars. Birds were flying. My friend, Rahaman was a good singer. He was singing a song. We had some refreshments on the boat. It gave us new energy. At around 11 a.m., we reached our destination. We enjoyed the journey heartily. The journey was so pleasant that I will never forget it.

A Journey by Boat

Question: Recently you have made a journey by beat. In a letter, your friend has asked you to give a description of the journey. Write about the journey. (Include details about when, where, and how you have made this journey.)

Answer: A few days ago, I with the sonic of my friends made a journey by boat from Mongla to Paikgachha on the occasion of autumn vacation. We were four in number. We hired a big boat. We had our breakfast early in the morning. We started at 8. a. m. The sky was clear and the weather was fine. Their river was calm. It was full to the brim. Our boatman rowed for a while and then set sail. The boat began to move smoothly. There were small waves on the river. We enjoyed the scenes on both sides of the river. There were green fields, paddy fields, and jute fields, rows of trees that were full of flowers and fruits. These things charmed our eyes. We saw many boys and girls bathing and swimming in the river. Fishermen were catching fish. Women were seen fetching fit water in pitchers. We reached the market at 12 o’clock. We bought rice, egg, a big hilsha fish (Ilish) and sweets. We cooked the food ourselves. We took our meal. Again, we started our journey. It was late afternoon. The sun was setting. We enjoyed the sunset scene. The boat moved slowly and we reached our destination, it was dark all around. The journey in my heart I bore. It gave me much pleasure. It was one of the most memorable days in my life indeed.

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