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Paragraph on A Flood

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  1. Where did the flood happen?
  2. When did it happen?
  3. Who experienced it?
  4. What happened the description of the flood?

Answer: Flood is a natural calamity. Some days ago, a flood happened in our part of the country. It happened in the early part of July. It rained almost incessantly for a few days. Because of the rain, the river overflowed, its banks and the water entered most of the houses in the area. The poorer section of the people had to experience its effect most. As their houses tumbled down, they took shelter in schools and railroads and highways. The flood destroyed crops and washed away many cats, goats, and dogs. The area engulfed by the flood looked like a part of a sea. Floodwater has receded but the suffering of its victims has not ended. There is no want of food, and prices of many essential things have risen. Those who have been attacked with diarrhea and some other diseases. Government and non-government agencies have come to help the affected people. But the task is a gigantic one. So many people are still in miserable conditions.

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