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Paragraph on A Fisherman

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  • Who is a fisherman?
  •  Where does he generally live?
  • Where does he catch fish?
  • How is the life of a fisherman?
  • When does he become happy?

Answer: A Fisherman has a boat and a net to catch fish. He generally lives by the side of rivers, canals, and seas for his professional advantage. He catches fish all day and night. Sometimes, he takes risk of his life. He catches fish even when the sea or river becomes furious. Sometimes, he loses his life while fishing. He often works with a group. He becomes very happy after catching a lot of fish. He sometimes returns home without any fish. He leads a very miserable life. He is often cheated. We should be kind to them.


A Fisherman

Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Who is a fisherman?
  2. Where does he live?
  3. How does he support his family?
  4. How does he pass his days?

Answer: The man who earns his living by fishing is a fisherman. Bangladesh is the land of rivers, canals with lots of fish, fishing has become an important occupation for many people. Fish is an important source of our proteins. So, we can say our fishermen supply us with protein food. But it is a matter of regret that the overall condition of our fishermen is not satisfactory. They usually live near the rivers and on the bank of the canals. Their houses are usually thatch-roofed houses. When they catch fish abundantly, they pass their days happily. But they face hard days when fish is scant. There are some fishermen who go to the deep sea for fishing and spend their days together. Sometimes, the sea turns rough and so they cannot go fishing. Sometimes the sea becomes suddenly rough and the members of their family remain anxious for their arrival. Thus, a fisherman earns his livelihood by facing a lot of adverse situations.



Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Fisherman’ by answering the questions below.

  • Who is a fisherman?
  • Where does he live?
  • How does he support his family?
  • How does he pass his days?

Answer: A fisherman is a person who catches fish and sells them in the market. A fisherman is a poor man and leads a very humble life, His life is hard and full of struggle. He usually lives by the side of a river, a canal, a haor or by the sea. He gets up early in the morning and goes on fishing for the whole day. A fisherman who goes fishing in the sea sometimes faces difficulty. If he goes into the deep sea, he does not get the weather forecast because he does not have a radio or any other instrument for receiving the message. When there is a cyclone or tidal bore he falls into danger and his family members pass their days in anxiety waiting for his return. But his return sometimes becomes very difficult. When a fisherman does not go fishing, he repairs his fishing net and boat. But in most cases, a fisherman does not have a fishing net and boat of his own. Government should provide loans on easy terms so that they can buy their own nets and boats.


Paragraph on a Fisherman

A man who leads his life by catching and selling fish is known as a fisherman. Generally, he lives in a rural area near rivers, big canals, marshy lands, and the seas. He is hard-working and painstaking. He uses nets and boats for fishing. Some fishermen have nets but no boats. Some who have boats and nets employ the boat-less ones and they work in a group. A fisherman is always at work. While at home he repairs his boats or nets and he paints his boats or dyes his nets. He catches fish in the seas, rivers, and bells. His women-folk make new nets; his children dry fish in the sun and sell them in the market. He works hard all day and night. The life of a fisherman is very risky and challenging because there may have storms and cyclones at any time. Some fishermen go fishing at night; some go fishing in the deep water or in the sea from home for many days. When he catches a lot of fish, his joy knows no bounds. After all, a fisherman does much good to us by supplying fish. So, a fisherman plays an important role like a farmer. In spite of being hardworking and playing an important role in the economic sector in our nation he is considered a lower-class person and he is not given any respect or honor.  Government should take some steps for the development of the minimum standard of their livelihood and we should change our outlook towards them. They should be given many opportunities to lead a happy and comfortable life.

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