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Paragraph on A College Canteen

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words).

  1. What is a college canteen?
  2. Why is a canteen important for a college?
  3. What kind of facilities does the canteen provide the students?
  4. How is it furnished?
  5. What do students do in the canteen?

Answer: The necessity of a college canteen (cafeteria) is to serve food and drink to the students, teachers and other employees. Its importance is really great. We are lucky that we have a very good canteen in our college which is housed in a separate building adjacent to the student’s common room. There is a committee to look after this and its arrangements. We can get refreshments here. We need not go to the wayside canteens and restaurants for our mid-day meal or tiffin. Among the items of food that are being supplied in the canteen are rice, singara, pastry, tea, and other cold drinks. Students generally rush to the canteen during the tiffin hour. When most of the students came to the canteen for lunch or refreshments, some students also gather here for gossiping and political discussion. The canteen opens daily with the beginning of the normal works of the college and closes in the evening. In a canteen, there are chairs and tables. A college canteen is indeed very useful for students.

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