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Paragraph on A Bus Stop

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Question: A bus stand is a very familiar place. Describe a bus stand. Start like this: A bus stand is a place In cities there are sheds Passengers stand in a line

Answer: A bus stand is a place where service buses stop and start from. After a fixed time a good number of up and down buses touch at a bus stand at different hours of the day and night. In cities, there are sheds for passengers at bus stands. It is a temporary shelter for passengers. Passengers wait for some time to get on a bus. In some bus stands there are counters for tickets. Passengers stand in line for buying tickets. Sometimes there is an exchange of hot words if anybody breaks the line. A bus stand is a busy place. One bus comes and the other starts. The passengers coming here have no time to talk or to look at others. When a bus comes or starts for. passengers become busy procuring a seat. They push one another to get into it. Ladies find it too difficult to get on a bus. The drivers and conductors are also very busy. Their shouts are heard. They try to get as many passengers as they can. Generally, a bus is always jampacked and it is more jampacked during office hours. So very few people can get into it. A bus stand is always noisy. There are roadside tea stalls, small shops, and hawkers selling betel leaf and cigarettes at a bus stand. Magazines and seasonal fruits are also sold here. It is a useful place indeed.


A Bus Stand

A bus stand is a crowded place where the buses stop and start from. Every day and night many buses touch the station at different times. Generally, it is situated at the junction of the roads or beside a market. It is not a permanent place for the passengers. They wait there with great eagerness to get on the bus. In some bus stands, there are counters for tickets and passengers stand in line for buying tickets. It is a busy and noisy place. Constantly the shouting of the helpers, conductors, hawkers, and the speech of the common are heard. Many types of hawkers are available who sell betel leaf, bread, cigarette, fruit, newspaper, etc. Again, some street beggars cry in loud voices with a view to drawing the passengers’ attention. There are a few big bus stands located at the district headquarters or in the big cities including the capital city. Besides these big bus stands, there are other hundreds of bus stands scattered all over the country. Besides the bus stands tea stalls are found nearby. Many passengers, while waiting for buses, go there and refresh themselves by taking a cup of tea or coffee. When a bus comes up, there is a usual bustle and hurry among the passengers. They push one another to get on it. Ladies find it too difficult to get on it. At that time the drivers and the conductors are also very busy; their shouts are also heard. Most of the buses are found crowded. So, thieves, swindlers, and pickpockets sometimes try to misguide innocent passengers to fulfilling their evil desires. After all, a bus stand plays an important role in communication. So, the government should take proper steps for the improvement of the bus station. In a word, the importance of the bus stand has become great.


A Bus Stand or A Bus Stop

A bus stand is a place where buses stop to enable people to get on or get down from them. There may be waiting for shelters for the passengers at the busy bus stands, in big cities. But in most cases, people wait under the open sky. A bus stand is always a crowded place in the city. The buses are found jam-packed all over the country. In a bus stand, sometimes, there may be found small shops where passengers can buy snacks, betel leaves, newspapers, etc. Often hawkers are seen selling peanuts and chocolates in and around the bus stop. It is also a favorite resort of pickpockets. A bus stand usually remains dirty and uncared. It, however, plays a key role in the communication sector of the country. So, the bus stand is the most important and essential place for the people at large.

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