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Paragraph About On Going Abroad

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘On-Going Abroad’ by answering the questions below.

  • Why is going abroad attractive and popular among young people?
  • (b) Why do many people seek employment in developed countries?
  • Why do many young people suffer from frustration?
  • Why do both skilled and unskilled youths remain unused?

Answer: Going abroad is a pleasant matter since traveling is both enjoyable and educative. So going abroad is very- attractive and popular among our young people. In our country, the job opportunity is very limited and the scope of employment here is very frustrating. Many of our young people seek employment in developed countries. As an underdeveloped country, many educated or uneducated young people sit idle without getting suitable jobs within the country and they suffer from frustration. We can not utilize their energy and capability for the increase of production and development of the country. Both skilled and unskilled manpower remains unused due to a lack of job opportunities. So hundreds of people are going abroad for seeking jobs in developed countries.

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