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A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph

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A rickshaw puller is a very common figure in a town and in a village in our country. He earns his bread by pulling rickshaw all day long. Generally, a rickshaw puller is a very poor man. He lives from hand to mouth. Most of the rickshaw pullers do not have their own rickshaw and that is why they have hired a rickshaw from an owner whom they have to pay a certain amount of money every day. A rickshaw puller has to work very hard as he has to work in the sun and in the rain. The work of a rickshaw puller is also risky in a busy town. In a busy town where buses, trucks, cars run all day long, a rickshaw-puller has to rise his rickshaw very carefully. Very often we see the trucks, buses or cars to run over the rickshaw. Most of the rickshaw-pullers live an inhuman life. Rickshaw-pullers in town life in the slums being deprived of the five basic needs. The rickshaw pullers are not very often well paid by their passengers. Thus, we see that the life of a rickshaw puller is very tragic.


Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Rickshaw Puller’. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. Who is a rickshaw puller?
  2. Where does he live in? Or, where is he seen?
  3. What kind of job does he usually do?
  4. How long does the work in a day? Or, how long does he work every day?
  5. How much does he earn a day? Or, how much is his income?
  6. What happens when he earns too little?
  7. How does he support his family?
  8. How does he earn his livelihood?
  9. What are his pleasures and pains?

Answer: A rickshaw puller is a poor day laborer who earns his livelihood by pulling a rickshaw. He is a familiar figure in our country. Generally, he lives in a slum area. He carries passengers and goods in his rickshaw from one place to another on payment. Very few rickshaw pullers have their own rickshaws. Usually, a rickshaw puller hires a rickshaw from the owner on a daily basis. He comes out on the roads and streets early in the morning and works with his rickshaw till the late hours of the night. He works in goad and bad weather. Sometimes he feels tired but cannot take rest. Even he cannot take rest during heavy rainfall or in the scorching heat of in the summer. He must pull a rickshaw. to earn the daily bread for himself and for his family. Despite working very hard a rickshaw puller earns little. He cannot save money. So, when he is sick he and his family fall into trouble. Sometimes, his income is less than the usual. Then he faces more difficulties in maintaining his family. He has to live from hand to mouth. He cannot provide food, education, and medicine to his family properly. Even they have to starve sometimes. In spite of all these odd conditions, he feels proud to live on his fair earnings from his sweat. He finds great pleasure to serve people at a minimum cost. His service is really very great. He is a friend to all. So, we should show due respect to a rickshaw puller.

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