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Application for Salary Increment

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Question: Write a letter to your department head seeking help for a Salary increment.


Date: Aug 1, 2023

Ahmed Palash
Senior Manager, (HoD)
IT Department

Subject: Application for Salary Increment/Increase

Dear Sir,
I am Atiqur Rahman (Employee Code: 14702) an employee of the MIS Department (Sajeeb Group HO). I want to ask for a salary increment this year.

We all know that rents have increased and our salary is not enough to provide for the expenses we have every day. All I ask is just a little help from you. I’ve been working in the Company for about 1.3 years (May 10, 2022, to now), with a total of 5.1 years of job experience and I hope I have proven my ability to handle the daily IT work I am assigned. I believe I am worth this increase.

So, please support and help me with my salary increment for this year.

Sincerely yours,

Atiqur Rahman (Executive – IT)
IT Department
Code: 14702
Phone: 01021020

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