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Email to Your Friend Thanking Him for Their Hospitality

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Question: Suppose, you’ve gone to your friend’s house recently and stayed there for a few days with them. Your friend’s name is “Raaz’. Now, write an e-mail to your friend thanking him for their hospitality.

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Subject: Thanks for your hospitality

Dear Raaz,
I have reached home safe and sound. But I will never forget the happy days I spent with you and your family. Your parents took affectionate care of me. You and your brothers and sisters always looked for my ease and comforts . Even your neighbours were so caring to me. I was really enchanted by your hospitality. I really don’t know how swiftly the sweet days passed off. It was really really wonderful. The memory of these sweet days in your home will remain ever-fresh in my mind.

Convey my heartfelt thanks to your brothers and sisters, and my regards to your parents.
Your loving friend,

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