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Describing the Pie Chart of The Benefits of Girls Education

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Question: The chart below shows the benefits of girls’ education. Describe the chart in 150 words. You should high-light and summaries the information is given in the chart.

Highlight and Summarize the Chart of The Benefits of Girls Education

Benefits of Girls Education Chart

Benefits of Girls/Female Education

Answer: The chart shows the benefits of girl’s education. Educated girls are conscious of their health and nutrition. Their knowledge of nutrition enables them to provide their children with a balanced diet. Thus, they contribute to building a healthy generation. Again, an educated girl is aware of the population explosion of a country. Naturally, an educated woman will not take more children. Thus, an educated woman helps the nation to control the population. Again, an educated woman is capable of doing more productive work. She can apply her knowledge and talent in every aspect of her life. Like educated men, they can join the workforce outside the home. They can be doctors, engineers, high officials in the Govt. and so on. Consequently, they themselves can improve their living conditions contributing to the economy of the country. In fact, sustained development efforts can be successful only when both men and women of a country become educated. No nation in today’s world has made enough progress keeping their women illiterate. Thus from the chart, it is clear that girls education contributes a lot to the development of a nation.

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