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Describing the Graph of The Reasons for Study

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Question: Look at the following graph. It shows the main reasons for the study among students of different age groups. Now, describe the graph in your own words.

Describing the Graph of The Reasons for Study

Graph of The Reasons for Study

Reasons for the Study

Answer: The graph shows people of some age groups and the two purposes of their reading one for the purpose of career and the other for pleasure or interest. The age groups are: under 26, from 26 to 29, from 30 to 39, from 40 to 49 and over 49. A common trend is that young people read more for career purposes and less for purpose of pleasure or interest. On the other hand, older people read more for pleasure and less for a career. From the graph, we can find a gradual rise and a gradual fall in the two types of reading based on age. Those who are under 26 mainly read for a career. Here out of 90 candidates, 80 candidates read for career and only 10 candidates read for interest. In the next age group (26-29) we find that 70 people read for career and 20 people read for interest. This gradual change continues and with people over 49 we find that out of 85 people only 15 read for career and 70 read for interest. Therefore, with the gradual increase in age, the purpose of reading changes significantly.

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