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Short Essay on The Value of Physical Exercise

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Introduction: Physical exercise is the movement of different parts of the body in a regulated way. It is necessary to keep our body fit. Our body is like a machine. It can be kept in good working condition by taking regularly. physical exercise.

Forms: There are many forms of physical exercise. We should not take only one form of it. It should be varied. This will bring all the muscles into play. Walking is a good exercise. We have also football, racing, rowing, riding on horseback, gymnastics and so on. All of these are very good forms of exercise. But swimming, perhaps, is the best of all. It makes us exert all our limbs.

Its utility: Excessive exercise, however, is harmful to the health. Everyone should take account of his ability and take as much exercise as he is to do. All types of exercise are not suitable for everybody. Every man’s need us different; so everyone should choose to forms that suit him best. The wrong choice brings harms. Exercise should also be taken regularly. If we do not take it regularly, we do not have the desired result.

Conclusion: Physical exercise improves our health. It dentures balanced development of all the limbs. It strengthens the body and refreshes the mind. It makes life worth living.

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