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Essay on Winter In Bangladesh

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[Hints: Introduction; Description; fruits and vegetables; A season of festivities; Demerits; Conclusion]

Introduction: In Bangladesh, there are six seasons. Winter is one of them. It is the coldest of all. Generally, it begins in the middle of November and lasts till the middle of February.

Description: During winter a cold wind blows from the north. it is a season of mists. It begins to fall at night and disappear when the sun rises in the morning. The day is shorter when the night in winter. The sun rises late. Sometimes it is not distinctly visible through the fog. Dew drops on the grass and leaves of trees during the night glitter like pearls as the sun rays fall on them. Trees become bare of leaves. Nature looks dead and gloomy. The students have their annual examination in winter.

Fruits and vegetables: In winter we get juice from the date. Many kinds of cakes are made in this season. Vegetables and fruits like cabbages, caulie-flowers, peas and oranges grow in plenty.

A season of festivities: In winter farmers can work hard. Social festivals are held in this season. It is also the time for school and college sports.

Deceits: The poor do not like this season because they cannot buy warm clothes. So they shiver in cold.

Conclusion: Most of the birds migrate to warm countries. Everybody hurries back home in the evening and go to bed early. This season is enjoyable in Bangladesh. It heralds the advent of spring. Winter is pleasant to all. This is so because the people of our country live in a warm climate. It is brief and comes after a long wait, we welcome it and feel sad when it leaves us.

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