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Essay on What Makes People Happy?

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Everyone in all parts of the world has the same desire and feeling of happiness. It is necessary to know well the causes of happiness for those who want to achieve a happy life. From my experience, there are 3 main causes of happiness related to emotional, material and physical factors.

It is easy to understand if there are a lot of people thinking about a good physical condition first as a source of happiness. The human body with 5 senses is the first gift that the Creator gives us. It allows us to see life, to breathe fresh air, to hear the sound, etc. All of them are often considered as a matter of course that people don’t care enough about their health until they lose them. Then, they realize that having good health is the happiest thing of all. It is because good health gives them a chance to enjoy life and do the things they wish to do.

The material factor is also considered as an indirect reason that leads to happiness. This is the fact that it is hard to do the things a person wants without money. Although money is not the most important thing, it is the key for us to access modern technology, to learn, to travel, to raise our families or simply to put more palatable food on the table. Or if you take a step on your career ladder, you will have the feeling of accomplishment. Conversely, it will motivate you to do more to achieve your long-term goal. All of those things bring you a comfortable life and the capacity of doing the things you wish to do which are essential to obtain a happy life.

There is no denying that emotional factor is the main reason that makes people happy. It is that because emotions entirely depend on one’s attitude to life and events that occur around him. When a person is always kind to others, he will definitely gain respect and love from them. Such things will fill his soul with the happiness of being beloved and helpful to others. Another common example is that when one fails and seems to have no ways to get out. If he insists on keeping the negative attitude, he simply sinks deeper into depression, but if he sees the situation in another way, a positive one, everything might be clearer and he finds not only solutions to cope with it but also opportunities. It will bring him the happiness of handling with failure one of the hardest lessons of life.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are seeking happiness every day by thinking about our direction, what we focus on and what we want to do. To do that, you will have to pay a lot of time and effort. Knowing the importance of physical, material and emotional factors will help us to gain the initiative in obtaining happiness in life.

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