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Essay on What Indications Do You Observe in Life Today of Changes Which Are Likely to Come In The Near Future?

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Changes occur all the time. Some changes occur without warning, but some can be anticipated to a certain extent.

The proliferation of personal computers indicates to us that soon every home could probably own at least one of them. We would probably rely a lot on the personal computer for example, for keeping our finances in order. The personal computer can also be used to do a variety of other tasks. Linked to a worldwide system, like the Internet, we can do our shopping, send letters, advertise and pay our bills by merely operating the home computer. We would rely less and less on the old pen and paper. This usage of the computer is already a reality now. How much it will catch on depends on many factors but it would not be too far-fetched to say that the computer will become as essential as the telephone in the near future for communicating with the outside world.

A lot of the present tasks of learning can be done with the computer. Already there are educational programs available for children of all ages. Soon the computer might supersede the textbook in terms of importance and effectiveness. This is a real possibility.

Besides these things, a personal computer offers hours of entertainment through the thousands of games software available. In fact, many of us young and old learned to appreciate the computer by playing games with it. Only later on did we go on to more important things. Whatever it is, computers will play an increasingly important part of our lives and it is for our own benefit to become familiar with it.

In the near future, our country will be crisscrossed by networks of expressways. This will enable us to travel from one place to another easily and quickly. The only setback is that we might have to pay a small fortune to use the expressways judging by the number of toll plazas that are mushrooming all over the country. Johore Bahru to Alor Setar will no longer mean arduous hours of -travel. By using the expressways, all a traveler needs is a reasonably fast car and enough money to pay the toll. What are eight hundred kilometers to a car traveling at around a hundred and ten kilometers an hour? A mere ten hours is all that is needed, including stops.

Indications point to the possibility that all small shops will eventually give way to giant shopping complexes. When rows of old shops are torn down, inevitably a brand new giant building will stand in their place. This giant houses offices and shops. As these old shops age and become useless, no new ones are built to replace them. So in the near future, we probably will only have great big complexes, very much like what we can see along Orchard Road in Singapore The small shops are stifled out.

On the more somber side, there is a possibility of great environmental tragedies that will drastically change our lives. The depletion of natural resources will mean that the cost of living will keep on going up. The disappearance of forests, pollution of the air, sea and land will definitely bring about dramatic changes to our planet. Already signs are that the sea level is rising and in thirty years or so, most of the coastal land all over the world will be flooded. A lot of us will have to evacuate permanently to higher ground. This, in turn, will create social and political problems.

Despite all these indications, no one can be sure what the future might bring. The likelihood is that certain things will happen, but there is always a possibility of something else happening too. It is best we be prepared for what seems certain. It is also a good idea to leave a bit of room for that something else.

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