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Essay on Travelling Or, Travelling and Its Educative Value

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[Hints: Introduction; Travelling in the past; Travelling at present, Educative value; For refreshment; It helps direct contact with the human world; Conclusion]

Introduction: Man moves from place to place for his necessities. He cannot stay long in one place. He makes long and short journeys. Generally, he wants to know the unknown and see the unseen. The thirst for knowledge urges him to travel. The world is full of wonderful things. He tries to take a full view of things by traveling.

Traveling in the past: Travelling in ancient times was very difficult and troublesome. Travelers had to face many dangers and difficulties.

Traveling at present: Travelling at present has become cheaper, quicker, easier and safer.

Educative value: Travelling is an essential part of education. The knowledge acquired in school and college is mainly bookish in nature. Travelling enables us to gather practical knowledge. It allows one to see the customs and habits of many people in different countries. It makes bookish knowledge perfect. It is practically helpful and important in the case of History, Geography, Political Science, Economics etc.

For refreshment: Sometimes traveling is undertaken for the sake of pleasure and change of mind. The narrow and dull environment makes our life monotonous. To escape from its use often travel to distant places.

It helps direct contact with the human world: Travelling gives us firsthand knowledge of men and things of the world. If we go around the world, we will know the vastness of the world.

Conclusion: Travelling brings us very near to real life. It expands our mental outlook. So traveling should be made an essential part of our education.

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